Mordor's Arena at NOVA Open

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Mordor's Arena at NOVA Open

Mon Jun 01, 2015 11:13 pm

Some of my friends are planing a trip to the NOVA Open this year, and I was excited to see that there were Lotr tournaments at the convention, but reading the rules for them I had a few questions. I am interested in the Mordor's Arena tournament which the army list calls for 9 hero models with a max point value of 700. So my question is if the packet doesn't specifically list prohibited models are they legal? Also if the army composition says 9 hero's 700 pts do I have to use exactly 9 models or can I use less as long as they add up to under 700 pts? And finally the scenario is you and the other competitors hero's are set in the center of a 4x4 board and have to survive waves of enemies that are controlled my a judge or event coordinator , has anyone played this before and do you know what the waves consist of I'd like to play some practice games before I decide to go.

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