The Siege of Minas Tirith COMPLETE WITH PHOTOS

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The Siege of Minas Tirith COMPLETE WITH PHOTOS

Thu Jun 09, 2011 1:14 pm

Hey guys, this is a game that I am having. We're not finished yet so stay tuned to more news on how the battle is going. I am usually an evil player but today I decided to defend the walls of Minas Tirith. They are 5 objectives and whoever had the most by the end of turn 20 wins the game. Reinforcements come at the turns also described bellow. Please note that I don't have a Witch-King on Fellbeast or Eowyn mounted, so I replace them with a spider queen and theodred, I know I know but anyways, Army lists follow:

Minas Tirith-1000
-Gandalf the White with Shadowfax
-Captain of Minas Tirith with Shield
-1 Warrior of Minas Tirith with Banner
-8 Warriors of Minas Tirith with Shields
-8 Warriors of Minas Tirith witih Shields and Spears
-8 Warriors of Minas Tirith with Bows
-6 Guards of the Fountain Court with Shields
-1 Avenger Bolt Thrower with 3 Crew
-6 Knights of Dol-Amroth
-6 Men at Arms of Dol Amroth

-The Witch-King with Fellbeast, Morgul Crown and 3/20/1
-Gothmog with Warg
-Orc Captain with Shield
-Mordor Troll Chieftain
-Mordor Orc Taskmaster
-Orc Drummer
-1 Orc with Banner
-6 Mordor Uruk-Hai with Shields
-3 Mordor Uruk-Hai with Two-Handed Weapons
-12 Orc Trackers
-12 Morannon Orcs with Shields
-6 Morannon Orcs with Spears
-6 Morannon Orcs with Spears and Shields
-12 Orcs with Shields
-12 Orcs with Spears
-6 Orcs with Two-Handed Weapons
-6 Orcs with Bows
-1 Mordor Troll
-1 Mordor Troll with War Drums

-Theoden with Heavy Armour, Shield and Horse
-Eomer with Horse
-Eowyn with Horse and Armour
-Gamling with Royal Standard and Horse
-Merry with Horse
-8 Riders of Rohan
-4 Riders of Rohan with Throwing Spears

-Easterling Captain
-12 Haradrim with Bows
-6 Easterlings with Shields
-6 Easterlinsg with Shields and Spears

-King of the Dead
-3 Warriors of the Dead


-More models on the walls
-More models inside minas tirith
-More models on the fields
-Killed gandalf/witch king
-Killed aragorn/gothmog

TURN 1 and 2
The horde of Mordor gathers to raid the walls on Minas Tirith
The mighty Gondor warriors stand firm against their enemy
I decided to put the majority of the warriors on the walls. Especially the knight's of dol amroth, because of the banner bonus and their high fight value, I could keep the forces of Mordor at bay. I also had another banner on the other side. Gandalf was in the centre, ready to sorcerous blast any ladders. Evil suffered very little casualties despite my arrows raining down on them.

TURN 3 and 4
The ladders are laid and orc forces pound the gondorians will all their might. But the wariors of Minas Tirith stand firm with no casualties while pushing back the orcs with ease. Trolls advance onto the gate and manage to shatter it. Two more mighty blows like these and the wall will fall, although the Fountain guards hold little concern and decide to move to the flanks incase of an orc break through on the walls, the guard will beable to hold them at the small gates!
The Witch King slays an archer, in a courages move, a single knight of Dol Amroth takes on the Witch-King to prevent it moving and causing anymore haveck, that knight proved it's worth and fended off the fellbeast with nothing more than a scratch.
I was focus the bolt thrower on the troll and wounded it twice. Although the drummer was really annoying, with it's huge banner it covered almost all of the troops, but I was still fighting on hard. I still saw little casualties on my side but many orcs fell to my arrows. Although Gothmog himself now scaled the right wall and I have very little defenders there. I'm starting to get worried about that flank. I was also worried about the WitchKing who might take out my spears and pikes from behind me preventing my men from easily killing hte orcs on the laders.

TURN 5 and 6
The Fall of the WitchKing, as he charged his fellbeast foolishly into some men at arms, Imrahil came to the rescue and slaughtere the beast with ease (only 1 might point needed) The Witch-King quickly recovered from it's slain beast but then found himself surrounded and banish back to Mordor due to the sword of Imrahil and his men's pikes.
Killing the WK early on was a huge relief for me. But now one of the towers on the right wall has gotten overwelmed and has been swarmed with trackers lead by Gothmog. Imrahil will have to deal with with him, but now he was something different to face. The Walls of Minas Tirith fall with an amazing roll from the troll chieftain (the other troll was immobalised) Imrahil realises this peril as he saw very litle warriors as I foolishly placed the fountain guard too far away from the gate and the gate warriors get destroyed, lucky pippin helped with a combat and beat back the orcs.
Man, I had two choices, either to use Imrahil to get rid of Gothmog, or get him to fend off the gate being attacked, i choose the gate. I can use bottlekneck tactics to hold off gothmog but the gate is large and orcs were swarming in, if they take the ground inside of Minas TIrith they coudl easily fend off the Riders of Rohan, so I took that at the upmost priority. The left wall is doing very good though,

Reinforcements rush to fend off the attacks at the gate. I had to send more than half the troops from the wall to fend them off. There was a point where the trolls had the men by the balls, but with an amazing result, gondor won the combat and pushed back the defenders, buying enough time for Imrahil to fend off the warriors. If they lost that combat, then Imrahil would have been swarmed once arriving at the bottom. It looks like good just has them contained, although now the walls are thin and Gothmog advances on the right wall, I keep him bottleknecked but I know I would eventually run out of men and would result in me losing the right wall.
The left and centre walls are stable, my archers are really taking a toll on him. He's lost nearly half his men and gondor has only lost 15. Gandalf just manages to fend off the attack at the gate, but the right wall is crumbling but then a distant horn is heard... and in the distance, the riders of rohan have arrived... ready to take the forces of Mordor head on...

tune in to find out what happens in turn 8!
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Re: The Siege of Minas Tirith & the Battle of the Pelenor Fi

Thu Jun 09, 2011 2:55 pm

Very nice! Looking forward to the next part :D
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Re: The Siege of Minas Tirith & the Battle of the Pelenor Fi

Thu Jun 09, 2011 3:26 pm

Awesome painting, awesome report, but one question, why does everyone put imrahil on the walls of minas tirith, was he there in the books or is it just that or is it because no other "big" hero that would fit in thematically to defend the walls?
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Re: The Siege of Minas Tirith & the Battle of the Pelenor Fi

Thu Jun 09, 2011 7:19 pm

In the books Prince Imrahil strode along the battlements in the company of Gandalf, restoring courage to defenders cowering from the cries of the Nazgul that were wheeling above. It's unclear where he was when Grond smashed down the gates and permitted the Witch King to ride through, since Tolkien only mentions Gandalf atop Shadowfax confronting him. It's likely that Imrahil was calming his own horse and thus unable to help out, although he may have still been on the ramparts over the gate but stunned by the Witch King's spell (all fighting ceased as the Witch King spoke). Once the Witch King had retired to his Fell Beast, in order to confront Rohan, Imrahil led the mounted and foot contingents of the city in an advance to help Rohan and clear the gates. He was mounted at this stage, owing to the size of the battle.

In the books the outer wall was no longer defended properly, with only the gatehouse defended after the rest of the battlement defenders had fallen back to the second level. Even those in the gatehouse were cut off by flames, or so Tolkien implied, so perhaps Imrahil had to fight fire before Mordor! The scale of Tolkien's Minas Tirith is such that an escalade is doomed to failure, and serves only to distract the defenders from Grond's advance. As a wargame it would be pretty dull, which is why so many scenarios have lower walls and adequate siege towers and ladders, as well as rams. The defender has the choice of Imrahil on the battlements, stopping ladder teams or especially siege tower assaults, or waiting - mounted - behind the gates, in case of a breakthrough. It depends on how quickly he can get down to his horse or simply to the vicinity of the courtyard. There are not many Heroes of Mordor that can attack the walls effectively, although Nazgul and Shamen can use Transfix to negate his threat of course. Uruk Hai and similar over-powered troops mean that mere Captains are equalled, so it's a case of using Imrahil to hold the line while hoping that the gates stay firm, or risking losing the ramparts while keeping a solid (remember his Special Rule for Dol Amroth troops) counter-attack force in place.

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Re: The Siege of Minas Tirith & the Battle of the Pelenor Fi

Thu Jun 09, 2011 8:01 pm

A really good report, sounds like your having so much. Just wondering if Imrahil said to the Witch King "I thought no man could kill you? :D "I definitely feel sorry for the forces of Evil, especially when the Rohirrim arrive. Can't wait to see the rest of report. :P

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Re: The Siege of Minas Tirith & the Battle of the Pelenor Fi

Thu Jun 09, 2011 11:01 pm

Thanks for the explanation typhoon, I learnt alot. I'm annoyed he wasn't in the films considering he was a large part of the defenses, atleast they didn't combine him with another character like erkenbrand and eomer...
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Re: The Siege of Minas Tirith & the Battle of the Pelenor Fi

Fri Jun 10, 2011 6:59 am

Thanks for the kind words everyone, the next part will be open in a day or two!

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Re: The Siege of Minas Tirith & the Battle of the Pelenor Fi

Wed Jun 15, 2011 1:35 pm

continuing the battle report!

TURN 8, 9, 10, 11
The full board as requested.
The fall of the left wall.
The riders charged forward, one falls to the arrows of the orcs who now hold the left wall, Gothmog changes directions and heads down towards the fountain guards. Evil gains momentum and manages to charge into Gandalf, but evil is stubborn and manages to avoid any serious casualties. Although the left flank looks bad, the right flank gains a banner from the wall and more reinforcements follow as all the orcs from the ladder now all lay dead on the field.

TURN 12, 13 14
The riders charge through and relief the Gondorians.
Because of good sucess within the fortress, we realised that evil wouldn't stand a chance since they were no models on the pelenor and the mumak couldnt enter through the gate, so what we did is just removed the centre wall and assumed that it collapsed so that the mumak could see some action.
After much bloody fighting, Gandalf slayed the troll drummer while the heroes of the riders of Rohan surround the chieftain and slaughter it with ease. Gothmog charges forward with his men but now the orcs around him start to loose faith and many run from the field.

TURN 15, 16, 17
The Mumak charges forward into te fray while the easterlings follow behind.
Easterlings spill into Minas Tirith
A brave gondorian waves his banner in the face of the mumakil.
The mumak charges in and slaughters many people, the men of the west under the flag of rohan and gondor charge into the mumak and manage to wound it 5 timse, amazingly the cheiftain plasses all it's tests and it dosn't go mad. The easterlings sluaghter the gondorians with their pikes and advance further. The arrows rain down to kill the cheiftain but non prevail. During the second combat they do alot less damage but still the mumak dosn't go mad.

TURN 18, 19, 20
Aragorn runs to aid the men with the dead men of dunharrow, Legolas takes aim at the commander and kills him.
The Boltthrower rains down on the Mumak and finally kills the Mumak
The dead mumak magically turns into a dead fellbeast (to represent unpassable terrain) and only 1 haradrim archer survives. The armies of Gondor charge into the remainding easterlings and Aragorn charges from the other side and surround the easterlings and cut them down.


Good objectives taken
-More models on the wall
-More models within Minas Tirith
-Killed the WK
-Killed Gothmog

Evil objectives taken
-More models on the pelenor
-Killed Gandalf

Was a great game, but I found large holes in the turn system of the game and know what to change.
-Put the wall closer in the middle as it takes ages for any reinforcements to reach the walls.
-The riders of rohan will come at turn 7 rather than turn 8 just to speed things up and relieve the pressure off the gondorians.
-The Mumakil will come at turn 9 rather than 13 so that the Mumakil could be used more usefully and tactically.
-Aragorn will arrive at turn 12 as before he could barley do anything.

Thanks for watching guys!

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Re: The Siege of Minas Tirith COMPLETE WITH PHOTOS

Wed Nov 09, 2011 6:02 pm

Were did you get that minas tirith. :?:

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Re: The Siege of Minas Tirith COMPLETE WITH PHOTOS

Thu Nov 10, 2011 2:23 pm

I made it :)

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