Lords of Battle 750 Pts Elves Vs Goblins

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Lords of Battle 750 Pts Elves Vs Goblins

Sat Nov 10, 2012 2:57 pm

Scenario Lords of Battle
Points 750
Armies Lothlorien and Mirkwood Versus Moria
Layout 4' by 4'. Three Hills in the center of the board with a stream running through them. Two woods and one forest around the hills and a few hedge rows.

Good deployed first after picking the board edge. Galadriel Protectress of Lothlorien deployed in one of the woods. Evil deployed one warband lead by a goblin shaman behind the opposite hill to Galadriel. Good deployed a warband of wood elves lead by Legolas on one of the hills. Evil deployed another warband lead by a shaman next to his other warband behind the hill. Good deployed a warband of elves lead by Thranduil next to Legolas' warband infront of Galadriel. Evil deployed a goblin captain armed with bow with his warband of goblin archers opposite Legolas. Good deployed Rumil's Warband opposite the goblin archer warband ready to fight. Then Evil deployed his last warband the Balrog (to the surprise of the Good Player) within charging range of Legolas and Thranduil's warbands.

Turn 1
Evil won priority. The Balrog lashed out and kill a wood elf. and charged into Legolas' and Thranduil warband. Both shamans failed to cast fury and moved onto of the hill. The Goblin Archers moved back away from Rumil's Warband. In the Good turn, Galadriel moved onto of the hill behind Legolas' warband and cast her light. The wood elf sentinel sang his song to embolden a wood elf and both charged into the Balrog. Rumil engaged the Balrog supported by spear and pike. The rest of Rumil's warband moved to take shelter in Galadriel's light. Thranduil used his Circlet of Kings trying to knock down the Balrog but the monster resisted using 6 points of his will. Thranduil and more wood elves charged (Thranduil using his 2 will to pass his courage test) and surrounded the Balrog. Legolas moved to get a view of the goblin archers. Evil shot and killed a galadhrim warrior with a spear and shield. Legolas shot back and caused two wounds on the Goblin captain but one was saved using a fate point. Combat the Balrog fought and rolled a 6 but Rumil parried it away to a 4. The elves won the combat and the Balrog was trapped and the elves caused 5 wounds on the fiery demon including Thranduil who used a few points of might.

Turn 2
Evil won priority again but Galadriel called a herioc move which was countered by the goblin captain. Evil won the roll off and the goblin captain warband retreated back. Galadriel and the surrounded elves charged the Balrog throwing their daggers to no effect. On elf failed to charge the beast. Evil continued to move over the hill with successful casts of Fury. Some goblins engaged some of Thranduils warband. In good's turn the elf banner moved behind Galadriel on top of the hill. Rumil engaged the Balrog with spear and pike support. Legolas moved to get a better vantage point on the goblin archers protected by a few shields. Evil shot and failed to hit anything (regardless of the blinding light). Legolas fired and killed a goblin archer. In combat the Balrog rolled a 6 again but Rumil parried it to a 5. The elves won the combat and scored a few wounds on the monster but not a enough to kill it.

Turn 3
Good won priority. Rumil, Galadriel and Thranduil and their elves charged the Balrog and trapped it. The wood elf sentinel's song took control of a goblin archer and he moved infront of his fellow archers to stop them firing. The galadhrim and wood elves charged and protected their flanks. The wood elves' vision need testing as the throwing daggers missed (so many 1s). The rest of the Evil Force moved so they were nearly in charging range. The goblin archer managed to charge Rumil. Good's shooting and Legolas with his deadly archery fired into combat and using two might killed the goblin captain so Rumil could focus on fighting the Balrog. Goblin archers shot back and killed one wood elf and one galadhrim warrior. Combat the Balrog rolled a 6 but Rumil parried it away to a 3. The elves with help from their banner won and killed the demon.

The goblins looked on as the fiery demon was struck down by elves. One shaman added with distaste 'even worst, a female elf!'. The goblin army /player surrendered. The elves lifted Rumil onto their shoulders and cheered.

This report was written from Good's point of view (so I'm not sure the exact make up of the Evil army). The Good Army list can be found here further down the post. (viewtopic.php?f=30&t=5743)

I apologise for any spelling/grammar mistakes. I tried to describe the layout the best I could.
Any comments suggestions welcome.
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Re: Lords of Battle 750 Pts Elves Vs Goblins

Sat Nov 10, 2012 10:18 pm

Ahaa, that reminds me of the last time I played Angmar vs Lothlorien... in that game, Rumil held the balrog to a standstill with that awesome ability of his, though the Angmar horde devoured my eagle and a dragon went rampant down my right flank... It's a interesting match-up, nice report. For future battle reports, can I suggest using pictures to give a visual aid? Even if you post them on a blog or something and give a link there, it's just nice to be able to see what's going on.

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Re: Lords of Battle 750 Pts Elves Vs Goblins

Mon Nov 12, 2012 11:02 pm

Ah yes, the old Rumil rule of "tie the balrog up in a sack and beat him with a stick". I played in a tournament out here in Colorado where I ran 3 heroes in a 600 point army: Troll Chieftain, Basic Nazgul and the Blarog. Same resultsa when I faced off against the elf player that day, in all my battles that day, the only time I lost the Balrog was at the hands of Rumil. Having to re-roll that 6 and not having might to bump rolls is killer... I bet that was frustrating for the Goblin player to see 400 points go poof. :mrgreen:

Sorry, not a big Rumil fan. That power doesnt come from any lore I can see in the books, and just seems to be put into the game for a bit of cheese factor. Who wants to sign the "ban Rumil" petition?! :cry:

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Re: Lords of Battle 750 Pts Elves Vs Goblins

Tue Nov 13, 2012 7:40 pm

Well to be honest you would of had a better chance if you had a dragon with fly and tough hide. The balrog's one of the worst models in the game. :D

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Re: Lords of Battle 750 Pts Elves Vs Goblins

Fri Jun 28, 2013 11:53 am

I don't played this game, please you can share a link. Thank you.

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