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Re: building terrain

Tue Oct 20, 2009 7:37 am

You don't need to drink it, just rip them open and pour out the contents and glue it down.

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Re: building terrain

Thu Oct 22, 2009 3:10 pm

I use coffee grounds as part of my ground material. Its just my personal rule that i do have to use them first. That way i get lots of terrain material plus a really good work ethic.

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Re: building terrain

Sat Oct 24, 2009 5:51 pm

The key to building terrain is a good eye for similarities. I looked at a sponge, and realized that it was the same texture as a rock. I looked at popsicle sticks and realized they looked like miniature planks. I've never spent more than $20 on a piece, it all comes down to how well you can see household items.


Take this piece, one of my favorites. Pure styrofoam insulation ($8 for a pack of 4 boards 8'x2') and popsicle sticks. Some imaginitave building, some tacky glue, and some painting techniques, and you have a 2'x2' board to work with.

Good luck with your building!

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Re: building terrain

Sat Oct 24, 2009 9:32 pm

very nice
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