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SCENARIO COMPETITION 04-05/11 lotr-sbg

Sun Apr 03, 2011 5:49 pm

THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING - Part 1, fleeing the Shire

The theme of this competition is the first part of the Fellowship of the Ring story. The flight from the Shire to Bree (it stops at the moment they enter Bree). For possible entries... well read the book :P .
All entries shall be posted on this thread
Entries after May the 31st will be ignored.

Every member may make one reply to this thread, in it you may include 1 image per scenario you submit for the map and an apropriate description of the scenario(s) you wish to submit.
The winner will be picked by the mods. There may be more than one winner if the scenarios cover diferent situations

This thread is intended for lotr-sbg scenarios only, wotr scenarios make no sense with this theme.
Do not post on this thread unless you are submitting your entry, if you do so your reply will be deleted and you will be warned. Doing it again after having been warned will result in some form of punishment (but cmon seriously, who the heck is going to do something that stupid? )

Have fun!

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