Who else prefers the original LOTRSBG?

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Re: Who else prefers the original LOTRSBG?

Mon Jan 02, 2017 12:42 pm

I notice a lot of the complaints about the current game are the same complaints that were floating around when the LOTR version originally came out.
People were saying GW wasn't properly supporting the game, and only using the Tolkien license to get new people into the hobby so they could be redirected to their more profitable games like 40k. Stats creep, unbalanced forces, lack of weapon options, proxies not allowed, and veteran gamers dismissing the "simple/beginner" rules were all points of contention.

Matt-Shadowlord wrote:
Future plans involve a revised set of rules. Adam Troke stated that he is not concerned about massive changes as the rules by themselves are mostly sound.
Revisions will include special strikes as these are currently unbalanced and possibly magic. This is planned for next summer and will come under the heading “Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game” to demonstrate that the Hobbit and LOTR are using the same core rues.

Thanks for posting that news. I'm only marginally interested in The Hobbit part of the game. I thought the movies were a mild disappointment, and I've already probably bought more minis than I can justify for LOTR lol. Still, I've been out of the game for a long time, and wouldn't mind checking out the new rules, especially the warband rules. If they're going to come out with a new rulebook in the summer, I'll just wait for that.

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