1000 pt Rohan list woes

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1000 pt Rohan list woes

Fri Sep 07, 2018 3:57 am

Putting together a list for Rohan. I use Erkenbrand as my leader, but he's only a 12 on the Leadership scale. I was hoping that someone like him was going to have a 15 rating; accompanied by 3 Captains of Rohan (two mounted, one on foot).
With about 18 Riders of Rohan - Red Shields - plus 2 Banners on horseback (interestingly the banners are considered Warriors on Horseback, so I guess they don't qualify as Riders of Rohan), 3 Outriders on Horse, 6 Royal Guard on Horseback, and the rest are Warriors (about a third are Archers) for some Infantry support.
I hit the 48 cap and still have about 60 to 70 points remaining. I could have spammed 38 Riders, but I wanted a solid Infantry unit to create some battlefield shenanigans.
How are others handling the model limit.

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Re: 1000 pt Rohan list woes

Sat Sep 08, 2018 10:38 pm

While I am grateful at what has been done to make Rohan more viable this time around I feel like they have made the horse lords kind of a one-trick pony list (pun intended) for matched play. Obviously in narratives games you’re going to pick the characters that fit the story, but as far as matched play goes if you’re not running Theoden as your general you’re doing it wrong. He is (I think), the cheapest legendary in the game and the +1 F buff when charging within 12” makes him a complete no-brainer.

At 1000 (assuming you want to go fully mounted) I would probably be looking at Theoden, either Gamling w/banner OR Eomer as my second, then Erkenbrand for my third and then either Eowyn or Hama depending whether I needed those extra 6 slots. Either way, you should always have Theoden leading your cavalry and you should always include Erkenbrand for the +2 courage.

If you’re wanting a more combined arms approach utilising infantry as well then your 4th hero is probably going to be Grimbold just because helmingas are so absurdly cheap for a S4 Warrior.

The only other list that is worth looking at imo is Eorl the young and a lot of Sons, but I’m not sure that would work very well at 1000 as he cuts off all your other named heroes.

Regarding redshields, remember they are different now, basically the redshield upgrade gives you a cut-price banner (Erkenbrand himself) that only affects his Warband, it’s ok, but it’s far from an auto-include, you basically take Erkenbrand for his horn.
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Re: 1000 pt Rohan list woes

Sun Sep 09, 2018 11:35 pm

Yes, I didn't realise that it was only affecting his warband. That's what happens when there's so much chunky goodness to read through. I'm thinking of dropping the Red Shield element (Boo!!), but I like the +2 Courage that does affect the whole army (Yay!!).
I've always been a slightly different player. I always field Warriors on Foot for support, and the list I want to put out there has about 25 or so. I'm thinking the Huntsman to provide some Archer support for the Warrior of Rohan with Bow (of which I have about 8 on the field) - and allow me to put my third Captain in charge of the footmen (the unruly rabble that they are).
Rohan are seen as the 'One Trick Pony', they actually have two maybe three other tricks open to them, which is why I love them so much.
I'm looking forward to hitting the tourney scene.

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