Casual Eregion vs. Mordor lists

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Casual Eregion vs. Mordor lists

Tue May 15, 2018 2:28 am

Hey guys,

I just recently started tracking down the models through the secondary market and have got a decent set of both Eregion and Mordor going. realistically I will never play competively so was hoping for some advice for fun lists from the two armies that could be playing in a casual setting emulating the last alliances battle with the forces of Mordor at Mount Doom. Any advice on two fair lists from the following would be appreciated!


9 Spear and shield
12 Sword
8 Bow
Arwen ft and mtd
Twins ft and mtd
Glordindel ft and mtd


Witch King on fell beast
Mordor Troll x2
Troll Drummer
Ringwraith (generic)
22 Spear
22 Hand Weapon
6 Bow
4 Captains

Might not be ideal but was curious possible lists from the stuff that is available to me. Hope to get some advice!

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