Top 3 Units in the Game

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Re: Top 3 Units in the Game

Fri Jan 08, 2016 5:09 pm

Prince_Goose wrote:
Kardoosh wrote:Would that apply to the berserkers?

Interesting question! Is an option for all units with 2 Hands Weapon?

Yes. Every model has a hand weapon unless it is specifically state in its profile that it doesn't.
Personally, I love high elves/kingsguard with spear and shield. They're only problem is facing S4 and high defence troops such a berserkers, as they usually just grind in a shield wall, and they just die in drove vs s4 compared to when you use them vs s3.

Laketown guard are also amazing for their points, and with cheap heroes like Alfred and the Laketown Guard Caotain to lead them, you can easily get a full warband of them for every hundred points and hugely bolster the numbers of the rest of your army. They make great spear supports and also as archers, as you don't have to sacrifice a defence to take a bow since they can't take shields.

Berserkers are amazing. Full stop. F4, D6, S4, 2A, C7 backed up by fury and a couple of Orc spearman or pikemen, and it seems damn near overpowered to play against.

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Re: Top 3 Units in the Game

Thu Aug 04, 2016 1:51 am

1. Watchers of Karna (free attack +1 special rules)
2. Uruk Hai Warriors (Fight/Strength 4, excellent against the meta, don't die easily, mostly cheap heros, so lots of warriors)
3. Guardds of the Galadhrim Court (can stop heros, so you don't need to sacrifice expensive elves as hero-fodder.

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