Thoughts on Dwarf Rangers

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Thoughts on Dwarf Rangers

Sun Apr 17, 2016 8:51 pm

We're starting up a slow-grow league at my local club, 200pts start then growing at 100pts a week up to 1000pts, I have a whole load (24) of dwarf Rangers sitting around that I've never really looked at along with 8 iron guard and a few heroes (a King, a Gimli and a captain) and a ballister. I can afford to buy a few extra bits later on (might even grab some of the reebok dwarfs to mix in as I have the plastic Thorin's company I could use as Warband leaders).

I'm thinking of starting off with a force of Rangers with a smattering of iron guard led by Gimli, I'm just not sure how to play them as they're obviously a bit different from the standard dwarf approach of tank damage with high defence and stab them where it hurts. I'm guessing max out on long range archery and try and thin the incoming troops, then jump in with a flurry of throwing axes and get stuck in.
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Re: Thoughts on Dwarf Rangers

Wed Apr 20, 2016 6:51 am

At that size I'd probably not spend much on Bows. There's unlikely to be much ranged combat, so you will get much more value from throwing weapons.

Perhaps just buy 1 cheeky bow, in case the opponent has zero. Then you can ping away merrily until he comes to you :D

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Re: Thoughts on Dwarf Rangers

Sat Apr 23, 2016 7:21 pm

Hi there!

At 200 points I would suggest 6 Dwarves with shields (to block the opponent while Balin/Gimli kills) and 6 Ranger dwarves with Throwing axes. Gimli/Balin with Durin's axe must kill a lot, while shielding dwarves give you time. Ranger Dwarves must try to get as much as initiatives as possible to use your best weapon (or surround the enemy if it's playing supporting with spears). Take care, it's a time attack situation... Ranger dwarves are really squishy for a Dwarf! and they only have one die combat. Remember axe special attacks ;)

You could try a lot of Ranger dwarves with a banner. You'll have more possibilities to win combat. Good luck!

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Re: Thoughts on Dwarf Rangers

Sun Apr 24, 2016 5:48 am

I think that if one wants to play the usual smart shields&banner tactics so it is better to stick with the normal dwarves. The Rangers are an opportunity to a different kind of gaming.

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Re: Thoughts on Dwarf Rangers

Tue Jun 14, 2016 12:53 am

Dwarf Rangers and Iron Guard are a good pairing. I have used Dwarf Rangers since they came out and had very good success with them prior to the Warbands rules coming out. Like any other Defense 5 troop with one attack they have to rely on numbers in order to accomplish anything. As such they do not work well in lower point games.

Dwarf Rangers with longbows are good against any even defense force, they hit better than their Dwarf Bow armed brethren and have 6" additional range. For the same reason they are better against cavalry as they have a better chance of converting that rider into an overpriced infantryman at range. Against the odd defense opponents the Dwarf Bows are better than the Dwarf Longbow armed dwarves.

Throwing axe armed dwarf rangers give you some decent threats as you close, but throwing axes are really not all that great in the new Hobbit rules or the new scenarios. You start danger close in most cases so you get maybe one or two throws before they become irrelevant. This problem also plagues all bowmen.

Once you get into the higher point values (700+) then Dwarf Rangers become more useful IF you dump the throwing weapons. A seven point Defense 5, Fight Value 4 model is a very good value when you can field 60 of them, plus some heroes. Or more likely just beef up an existing force with numbers.

In the end play what is fun for you. I find the Dwarf Rangers to be a solid force if you can deal with their obvious weak points. No spear support so you are usually going 1 versus 2, they are slower than most forces so they don't attack particularly well, but their low defense means they cannot be relied upon to castle up either. However if you have numbers then you can overcome the first problem by going around flanks. If you play aggressively and don't fall into the dwarf castling behaviour then you can usually catch your opponent off guard. You have to rely on your heroes more than the average player does when playing a horde force.
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Re: Thoughts on Dwarf Rangers

Wed Jul 27, 2016 12:00 pm

+1 to everything hixont said.

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