800 Points GT List Help!

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800 Points GT List Help!

Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:51 am

Hello all, So I have narrowed down my army choices to 2, A Fellowship/breaking theme with wood elves ( haven't made a full list on this one yet) and 2nd Age/ Last Alliance which I do have a somewhat more that rough draft list. ( need to get what I'm doing down, so models in question can hit the paint table by Friday)

So for the list I do have out. And for any who aren't familiar with the nova primer, You are allowed one faction that brings troops pretty much ( Elrond's household/ Numenor/ Rivendell count as a single selection for this due to there lack of options) after that you can freely add in most of the All hero lists ( white council, fellowship, thorins co, etc.)

Last Alliance/ War Council Before Dagorlad

Gil Galad (shield/horse)
- 10 x High Elves (3 with bow/spear, 7 with shield) All have f6

Isildur (shield/horse)

Elendil ( shield/horse)

Galadriel, Lady of Light

Legolas (cloak/Armor) * Oropher count as/ conversion*

not sure if I should revamp it for more troops, a change in heroes, etc. I have been struggling with the idea of adding a wizard, but the fluff side of me has prevented that, but I am open to suggestions.

And secondly this one is still a rough idea I have yet to add into points/ real lists. But it would be based on the fellowship with some woodelf ( or another force support ( open to suggestions).

So I am open to any and all comments/critiques, thanks for taking a look!

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Re: 800 Points GT List Help!

Mon Aug 08, 2016 11:18 am

I would add more warriors. Especially since Isildur might have the ring, giving him a chance of being evil. I don't have any experience with Galadriel and Legolas, but if you stay all-hero, drop the warriors, Galadriel and Legolas and add Glorfindel and a spellcaster, maybe Saruman.

Warband 1. The White Council
Glorfindel, Lord of the West; with Armour of Gondolin, Horse
Saruman the White

Warband 2. Eregion and Rivendell
Gil-Galad, High King of the Elves; with Shield: Armoured Horse
12 King's Guard: with Shield; Spear

Warband 3,4 Either more warriors and Erestor of Combat Elrond.

I've had success with a similar list before. Saruman casts spells while the Elven heroes destroy everything. It will be hard to transfix Glorfindel, because he has +1 to resist spells if within 6" of Saruman, and he has 3 will and resistance to magic. The King's Guard can just shield to stop heroes.

Good Luck!

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Re: 800 Points GT List Help!

Mon Aug 08, 2016 3:03 pm

Don't know what the scenarios will be, but generally speaking it's best to opt for either of the two types of list: all-hero, or full regular warbands.
The problem with a hybrid list is that it's incredibly easy to break: this would be achieved by killing less than a full warband of warriors, while 2-3 times that number would be required in a normal force. In an all-hero force, they'd have to kill ~5 tough heroes to achieve the same result.
Now, breaking will not be a massive issue for a force consisting of C6-7 heroes, but eventually they will run away or require the spending of Might/Will, both of which are needed elsewhere. More importantly, you are handing the opponent the victory points for breaking your force, while some scenarios may also end very quickly. Hybrid forces can have quite some success if the accompanying troops are hard-hitting elites or able to avoid combat for a while (Knights of Rivendell a prime example), but I don't think they'll do well under most other circumstances.

That being said, an all-hero force with Elves as well as the Númenóreans looks more than capable: high Fight, Attacks, Defence, Might and some special rules for added carnage (Narsil, Aeglos). Would be a glorious sight to behold too.

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Re: 800 Points GT List Help!

Tue Aug 09, 2016 3:12 am

Generally warriors in a half-and-half army just get slaughtered, or if they're archers, shoot.

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