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Awesome Thror (dwarf) Thematic list....

Posted: Tue Dec 27, 2016 6:23 pm
by theconfusedelf
Yo, guys.
I am putting an army together which will be themed around Thror and his elite battalion which went into battle with him in Moria.
I will not play with it in any points match, and It will just be for presentation purposes, and an attempt to drag me back into the hobby again.

What I have come up with so far:
Thror, Last king under the Mountain.
Young Balin the Dwarf.
Young Thorin Oakenshield.
Young Dwalin.
6 Grim hammer Captains.
6 Auric Runemasters.
Dain Ironfoot.
king's champions' heralds.
dwarf commanders.

5 units of Grim hammers.
3 units of Warriors of Erebor.
4 units of Iron Hill dwarf warriors.
6 units of dwarf warriors

I will not bother to explain all the pairings, because I am sure that you can work them out for yourself.

However, the Heralds and the Dwarf commanders will go with Thror, as a kind of elite command squad.
The Durin Ironfoot single model will act as Nár, who was a friend of Thror.
The Boar riding Durin is yet to be named, but if any of you guys know a boar-riding character who was at that fatal battle, do let me know below.
The Auric Runemasters are exchangeable for any cool GW generic dwarf heroes (don't care what they are from, as long as they are available from GW or FW), so If you have a better solution, also tell me.

I just put it too you so that I could hear another voice.
Also, If you have any other cool GW units that would fit this time and place in Middle-Earth (again regardless of what sbg they are from, just from GW or FW), tell me below, and list the name of that unit, how many of them, whether you will combine units (say for something you buy that include 4 models, would I combine two of them to make a unit for the presentation board at my house?) and the hero/es that will go with them.
I am happy for other races, as long as you give a good explanation. As for budget, I already have some of the basics of it, but I will be able to get anything, just it will mean a longer time till the final result.

I will start a painting project thread on it once I am completely sure on what is in the army (also want a good name for it, tell me below).

Any changes on the list, add or take.
Name of the army.
Name of boar-riding character.

If it goes well, I will just keep expanding it, till I have the whole army that went to reclaim Moria from Azog's foul orcs.
p.s. bare in mind for the thread, I am a slow painter with a lot of stuff on atm, so don't expect to frequent updates.

Finally, thanks for the input in advance, and apologies for very slow responses this week.(for obvious reasons XD).


Re: Awesome Thror (dwarf) Thematic list....

Posted: Fri Dec 30, 2016 4:27 pm
by Matt-Shadowlord
The boar riding character could be Durin the Deathless!
They all considered themselves to be descendants of his, so the name could be adopted by any warrior worthy of it.

Re: Awesome Thror (dwarf) Thematic list....

Posted: Fri Dec 30, 2016 4:29 pm
by Matt-Shadowlord
And for the army name, perhaps something tragic they would have been called by those who remembered them rather than the name they chose themselves going in.

The Lost Battalion