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Re: NEW Lord of the Rings Hobbit Rumours and Model News

Tue Nov 08, 2016 6:53 am

BA4_Masse wrote:
RIGG wrote:If you look at GWs web store coding there is already a Forgeworld link there but not yet active, its been there for roughly a month I believe.
The rumour is before the end of the fiscal year they will be one single webstore and some select fw products will be sold in gw stores.

That seem like a more probable alternative to what everybody was telling me... I'm more curious to the scale on what they plan to release, and how frequent those releases will be. I want new models!!

Actually completely unrelated, has anybody been able to find any of the profiles for the Gundabad Orcs? The desolation of Smaug Sourcebook is not available in Canada anymore and the five armies pdf GW put out, doesn't have the profiles, and neither does the original goblin town rulebook if I'm not mistaken (don't have it, only have the "one ring" rulebook)... Kinda makes them an unplayable model to me at this point, aside from using them as normal orcs.

Basically Gundabad Orcs are the same as Fighting Uruk-hai except they have Fight 3 not 4 and have a special rule to re-roll 1s to wound against Dwarves and Elves. Their wargear options are shield and spear. They are the same points cost as Uruk-hai.

Gundabad captains are the same vein. Same as Uruk-hai Captains excepet Fight 4 not 5 and they have a special rule to re-roll 1s to wound against Dwarves and Elves. Their wargear option is shield for 5 pts. They are the same point costs as Uruk-hai Captains.

They will be in the new book out next month probably reworked and repointed anyways.

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Re: NEW Lord of the Rings Hobbit Rumours and Model News

Tue Nov 08, 2016 11:10 pm

Well my Iron Hills order arrived today and I'm pretty blown away by them to be honest.

I've built and painted a lot of models from across the LotR SBG ranges and a lot of models from Forgeworld's model ranges (both fantasy and 30/40k) but they really have taken these dwarf sculpts to the next level. Dain is a gorgeous model, but the true stars of the release are the Iron Hills Dwarf troops, the detail is unbelieveable really and assembly is so incredibly easy (just glue on the shield and spear and you're done) but even so the variety of poses is very good.

I've not yet got the Ballista, but after this I've added it (and another set of the troops) to my Christmas list.

If this is an indication of the kind of quality we can expect from the Middle Earth studio going forward I think this game is in a better place than it has ever been before.
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Re: NEW Lord of the Rings Hobbit Rumours and Model News

Mon Nov 21, 2016 10:25 pm

I have to agree!

My Iron Hills ballista arrived a few days ago and the level of detail is above and beyond what I was expecting. From the smallest links in the chainmail worn by the crew to the 'twirly-whirly' bolt itself. I was so impressed by the level of detail that I also decided to order the Lord of the Iron Hills himself too. I'll definitely be keeping a sharp eye on future Forge World Hobbit and Lotr models.

One thing I found particularly interesting is that the images on the Forge World site for Dain Ironfoot describe his model as part of a 'character series'. This seems to suggest that they will be doing more hero models in this line. If they are all going to be of the quality described so far in this thread then it is indeed a great time to be a fan of the SBG. :D
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Re: NEW Lord of the Rings Hobbit Rumours and Model News

Wed Dec 07, 2016 6:44 am

The new ballista is terrific - both the rules and the model.

I am still waiting for my new book, so living off scraps in chat threads.

Anthony Mair:
The army buffs work by taking heroes and warriors that exclusively apart of an army list

For Azogs Legions if you only have have Azog and Bolg, Capts, Gundabad warriors and trolls etc then you get an addition special rule
Dol Goldur essentially
Gundabads minus trolls, azog, bolg and capts but have necromancer and Nazgul, their special rule is a major buff to Necromancer spell casting . acutally gives him +1 will per spell casting which is massive, fundamentally taking him to 50 will pts in essence

Berserkers the same except Def 5, courage 6, 8" mov. I think the 8" mov make s them better 15pts. Orge is a cheaper cave troll expect F5, D5 and 8" move for 60pts 8" move though again! I want cave trolls that move 8"

Azogs legion is essential a mash of Mordor AND Angmar then made 10% better across the board lol

Oh and the berserkers have a 6+ fate save like fury
Azog hunters get +1 to their shoot value and Bolger gives them morgul arrows which are essentially super killy poisoned arrow

Sounds like fun to me.

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