The TLA Unofficial LOTR Tournament FAQ

For all questions and clarifications concerning the Strategy Battle Game rules.

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The TLA Unofficial LOTR Tournament FAQ

Thu Mar 14, 2013 6:16 am

The Last Alliance Unofficial LOTR Tournament FAQ is as an unofficial collection of answers to questions that frequently come up at events, designed to give tournament organisers a simple, unbiased way to have them answered consistently. This living-document is a fan made list of answers, and its use at an event is entirely optional and up to the Tournament Organisers. This document will be changed and updated as Gamesworkshop release new FAQs, and should never be seen to overrule any official FAQ ruling.

Current Version: 1.0.
The latest version of this file can be found here:

To discuss this FAQ, ask for clarification or suggest additional questions, please go here:

With thanks to BlackMist, UKRocky, Matt-Shadowlord, Hixont, Hitherto and LonelyKnight for compiling and researching answers and to a mulitude of contributors including Turon, lithorlorn, nemo, LOTRChampion, Ar-Pharazon, GrashnarTheSecond, rififivos, Spiney Norman, cereal_theif, adragonsfang, umeboshi, Kevin and more.

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Re: The TLA Unofficial LOTR Tournament FAQ

Fri Mar 15, 2013 10:46 pm

EDIT: Saw the posts in the FAQ section
Middle-Earth Monster Mash - 4th (Mordor+Harad)
Middle-Earth Monster Mash II - 4th (Galadhrim)
Middle-Earth Monster Mash III - 2nd (Thorin's Company)
Middle-Earth Monster Mash IV - 7th (Minas Morgul)

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