Which Types of Kitchen Equipment do you need?

Which Types of Kitchen Equipment do you need?

Cookware are the most basic kitchen equipment. In your home kitchen, you need a medium sized frying pan to do all your shallow frying, and small, medium and large saucepans. Copper and cast iron pans are great but are offered at a higher price tag. If you can avoid low quality aluminum pans in New Zealand. If you will be using you bench top oven to bake, you need baking sheets.

Knives are very important in a kitchen. While you can have a single chef’s knife doing all the cutting and chopping in the kitchen, you should have different types of knives for cutting, chopping and dicing efficiency. Boning knife, paring, and peeling knives are also essential. Just like you can’t have a single washer dryer, fridge freezer or a robot vacuum doing all the cleaning, you shouldn’t have a single knife do all your cutting.

Mixing equipment is essential especially when you bake, create salad dressings, or create gravy. These equipment include mixing bowls, whisks, wooden spoons and spatulas among others.

Miscellaneous tools are tools that make it easier for you to work in the kitchen including colanders, can-openers, cutting boards, and oven mitts. Other such as vacuum or vacuum cleaners and an integrated dishwasher are great to have but not essential.

Appliances are also referred to as labor-saving equipment. They include coffee machines, electric mixers, blenders and much more. You also need to include freezers, sandwich makers and others in this category. While you may not need to buy all the equipment at the same time, you need most of the above equipment to create a functional kitchen.

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